Friday, June 19, 2009

Around The Horn: 6/19/09

Imagine you are out on a Friday night and the best looking girl/guy comes up to you and starts talking to you. You think this must be some sick joke by her friends but you notice that she really seems interested in you. You get to the end of the night and you are about to ask for her number, but surprisingly she asks for yours. You give them your number and stumble back to your place and pass out. The next day you think nothing of it but you do go through all of your text messages and phone calls you made while you were under the influence of all the Pepsi you drank the night before. So you go out to get some lunch and realize that you have only a little bit of battery life left, that is when it happens, that same person from the night before calls. You panic thinking that you only have like one minute left on your phone. You panic and try to make an excuse as to why you have to go. Imagine the scene.

That is what happened to Dan Bylsma yesterday. Well kind of. Bylsma got a call from President Obama congratulating him on the win. He actually had one bar left on his phone and when he picked it up he heard “Hold for the President…” What a rush for HCDB. Pretty sweet.

Well, as amazing as we think the holders of the Cup are they have not yet mastered the task of reading road directions. In trying to get to Mario’s house the keepers of the Cup got totally lost and city police had to actually point them in the right direction. In exchange for their help the keepers let the officers handle the Cup. Talk about being in the right place at the right time.

Last night was the Awards show for the NHL in Las Vegas, NV. Talk about a three ring circus. Not so much for the winners but for the whole presentation of the night. Half of the people presenting the awards could not even say the player’s names. What a joke. And the musical guest? Chaka Khan. Really? You couldn’t find anyone? Good lord.

Here are the winners:

Masterton: Steve Sullivan, Nashville
Pearson: Alex Ovechkin, Washington
Jack Adams: Claude Julien, Boston
Selke: Pavel Datsyuk, Detroit
Lady Byng: Pavel Datsyuk, Detroit
Calder: Steve Mason, Columbus
Norris: Zdeno Chara, Boston
Vezina: Tim Thomas, Boston
Hart: Alex Ovechkin, Washington

A couple quick notes about the actual awards. Watching how pissed Mike Green was when he didn’t win the Norris was awesome. Green must have missed the part where you actually need to play some defense to win that award. I know you can’t take playoffs into it but when there is an Amber Alert out for you during the most crucial series in the past decade you don’t deserve it. You kind of knew AO was going to win the Hart, but Geno could not really see the Hart Trophy because the glare from the Conn Smythe Trophy was too bright. Suck it Washington. AO also said they were going to win the Cup next year. Good Luck.

Malkin here was actually telling AO that he owns them and tells him if he wants to touch the Cup he has to ask permission first.

Malkin was also named to the First Team All NHL along with Tim Thomas, Ovechkin, Chara, and Green. Good job Geno.

Interesting article on the MVP voting from Rob Rossi of the Trib today.

The Steelers signed some more draft picks today. They now have seven of their nine picks already signed as of today. First round draft pick Ziggy Hood and third round pick Kraig Urbik are yet to be signed.

Nice Ron Cook article today in the Post about why I was right that the McLouth trade is good. Here is the best quote from the article by GM Neil Huntington:

"If we didn't care about winning, it would be easy to just coast along, make the popular moves, make the low-impact moves. We care about winning this much. We're doing this to win."

Exactly right.

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