Saturday, June 20, 2009

Around The Horn: 6/20/09

The Buccos dropped the ball last night and took a beating by the Rockies. Granted the Rockies have been the hottest team in baseball over the past 20 some odd games when Jim Tracey took over as skipper. They won 7-3 last night. Jason Marquis got his fifth win of the season for Colorado going 8.2 giving up three runs. The Dorfer took the L only going five innings and giving up six earned runs. The Bucs will look to rebound tonight. First pitch is set for 8:10.

The Pirates have also designated Craig Monroe to AAA Indianapolis and called up Steve Pearce. Monroe was only hitting .215 so this should give Pearce another chance. He has not been successful his past few stints up so this should help us see if he has improved.

If anyone that comes here reads one article I link it better be this one. I just found this today. All the preaching I do about the Pirates is summed up here by DJ Gallo. Normally he does all the wall, funny posts, but he also does serious ones. This is one of them. Great read. Here is the link. Notice number one. .500 is not a goal. 81-81 is the same as 62-100 without a great draft pick. See someone else agrees with me.

Looks as if the Tennessee Titans are already trying to talk some smack on the Steelers before they open up the season against them on September 10th. After an OTA practice Keith Bulluck, who stomped on the Terrible Towel after they beat Pittsburgh in Nashville last year, pulled out a Super Bowl XLIII Terrible Towl and said he was a marked man because he supposedly received it from someone from Pittsburgh. He also stated the reason he stomped on it was because “they came into out house waving their 15,000 towels or whatever.” Seems like you should take out that aggression on your fans who are selling their tickets to Pittsburghers. Good luck talking trash Keith. Joke.

In the same article LenDale White also said that if someone wants to freeze a Ben Roethlisberger sandwich and send it to him he would be more than happy to eat it. Did you really need to say that LenDale?

Not much going on. NHL free agency is going to start heating up so that will be something to look forward too as well as the all star break for baseball. Looks as if Freddy will be the Bucs rep. Camp is coming up for the Steelers also. A lot to look forward to.

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