Monday, June 29, 2009

Around The Horn: 6/29/09

The Bucs dropped the last game of the series against the KC Royals 3-2. Here is the recap. Here is the box score. Zach Greinke had a solid start for the Royals and in the same respect so did Charlie Morton. Morton did not have his A game but pitched well enough. It was interesting, to watch him on a replay, covering first base because you can clearly see that his hammy is not 100%. Hopefully he can get healthy and we can see what he can do. Adam LaRoche was solid going 3-3 while brother Andy went 2-3. Mom and Pops LaRoche were somewhat happy.

On the Ian Snell front we see that he struck out 17 in his debut in AAA Indy. He also did a great job of throwing everything but the bums outside of PNC Park under the bus. On the PG’s Pirates Notebook, Dejan Kovacevic goes over Snell’s start.

And here is where the bus comes in. This is what Ian says after the game via Scott McCauley’s Indianapolis Indians blog:

"I just worked off my fastball. The guys made me feel welcome
here. It was just fun to see this relaxed and fun atmosphere.
Nothing against the guys up there you know they work hard they do
everything. I just have a lot of thoughts going through my head and I just
wanted to get my thoughts together and it felt great. I felt awesome today
and they made me feel awesome."

"It's just the fans are electric here. You can tell, even though they
don't say much or cheer much they pay attention to the game. It was just
fun pitching in front of them again."

"I owe a lot of credit to (Catcher Erik) Kratz. He did a tremendous
job of setting up you know he didn't set up too early where they can see where
I'm going. He mixed the pitches real well and when I left a pitch up he
reminded me you know your elbow is hanging over or your head is bouncing
over. A lot of it had to do with him and I have to give a lot of the
credit to him because he did a great job of game-calling."

Well thanks Ian. You know just saying “nothing against the guys up there” doesn’t mean that it makes it ok. That would be like telling your wife/girlfriend “no offense hun, but you are just not as good looking as you once were”. See how that goes for you. When you say something that is preceded by “nothing against you” or “no offense but” that does not make people automatically feel better about your statement that follows it. If you want out of Pittsburgh Ian then just say so.

From Greg over at Puck Daddy we find our quote of the day. Even better than what Ian says. The Rangers GM, Glen Sather, says about Nik Antropov’s agent who wanted a deal for his client at $5 mil a year says: “There’s a snowball’s chance in hell that’s going to happen. It’s ridiculous. I hate to criticize an agent, but let’s have a little bit of reality here.” Oh man. That is great.

I probably could find a lot more stuff more this post. But forget it. I am tired.

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