Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Around The Horn: 6/30/09

The Pirates dropped the first game of their three game set against Rich Harden and the Chicago Cubs. The game story is here. This is the box.

It was a pretty good pitchers matchup as Zach Duke also pitched pretty well, picking up another quality start. Harden was just better. As the game story outlines that when Harden got two strikes on a Bucco they only had one hit in 12 at bats. Harden also struck out nine, including Adam LaRoche three times. The Pirates were only 1-8 with runners in scoring position which included a groundout to Harden by Freddy Sanchez with the bases loaded and two outs in one of the innings. The Pirates are god awful against the NL Central. 10-22 in the division. Wow.

On a positive note, Nyger Morgan had three of the Pirates nine hits while the bullpen pitched a shutout in both runs and hits. That is about it. Hopefully the Dorfer will get the bounce back win tonight against the Cubs. Game time is set for 7:05 PM.

The Pirates have also traded Eric Hinske to the Yankees for Eric Fryer and Casey Erickson. Not sure what to make of this. Hinske was not that great here so if the Pirates got anything of relevance from the Yankees it would be good. Here is a breakdown of the prospects from DK at the PG.

DK also is reporting that the Nyger Morgan deal could also go down today. He has been rumored to being shopped to the Nats for Lastings Milledge. Nyger Morgan is 29 years old. He is batting around .277 and gets caught stealing as much as he steals bases. For the record, I like Nyger Morgan. I had no idea he was 29, as most people probably don’t. Milledge is 25 years old and has more offensive upside than Morgan. He has character issues which are why he is not longer with the Mets and soon to be ex Nat. We will see how this goes down.

The Pens signed a few players yesterday. Billy Guerin signed a one year - $2 million contract and Craig Adams signed a two year - $550,000 salary. Both took pay cuts to play for the Pens. For the record I love both deals. The Penguins now have about $5.5ish million left under the cap to sign a few players.

Here is what Ray Shero is looking at right now when it comes to the Pen’s line-up.

Kunitz - Crosby - Guerin
XXXXX - Malkin - Talbot
Cooke - Staal - Kennedy
Dupuis - Adams- Godard

Goligoski/ XXXXX

Curry ??

So Shero is looking for a top-6 forward and a top-6 D-men to look for along with a backup goaltender along with whatever WBS players that need to be signed. Not sure what this says about Tenk and Scuds. You probably can’t sign both and Tenk has been hot and cold with Ray about what is going on. Great article on The Pensblog about free agency and what we are looking at.

Not sure what I think. I would let things play out. Knuble would be nice to see here. I wouldn’t mind seeing him play with Geno at all. Sure he is from Philly which makes him hated just in nature, but dude had 27 goals last season. Also what do you do with Sykora/Satan/Gill? In my opinion I think all of them are gone. Tenk is a better signing than either Sykora or Satan and with Gogo signing his contract along with Lovejoy I think the Pens can move on without Gill. All of them were integral parts of the team, but this is a business.

Speaking of Lovejoy, he, Curry, and Wallace were all tendered yesterday.

The PG is reporting that Mike Zigomanis will not be back. I really think this might hurt the Pens as I feel he could have been a real asset to the team. Right handed faceoff guy would have been clutch, not to mention that before he got hurt he led the NHL is faceoff percentage. Sure he didn’t play down the stretch, but I bet he had a better chance to win those faceoffs in the final minute of game seven that would have made it a lot easier on our hearts.

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