Monday, June 15, 2009

Around the Horn

It seems as if the Pirates are looking to shop a few players. Both Jack Wilson and Ian Snell have been rumored to be moved shortly. Not really surprised that Jack Wilson talk has been heating up. Boston has been the team that has been inquiring as their shortstop, Jed Lowrie is on the DL.

Under rumors they have said that Boston management has went to some players asking about Wilson, including Jason Bay, to see if he would be a good fit. It would be interested to see if this went down who the Pirates might get. I was fairly shocked to see the Pirates not go with a shortstop earlier in the draft. They did not take a shortstop in the top 10 rounds. Brian Bixler is in the minors, but I am not yet convinced that he is the future answer at shortstop. Bixler has a career .165 average in 133 at bats. That is not a significant number of at bats to form an opinion, but when the Pirates are not calling him up when Wilson gets hurt after playing in parts of the past two seasons that might say something about his development.

The Ian Snell trade talk is as much of a rumor that is. I first heard it on the 6 o’clock news (of all things) and said that the Colorado Rockies were a viable trading partner. The Pittsburgh Sports Insider was the source the news used, so I am not sure how much I want to look into this being that there isn’t a lot of substantial back up on any other blog or or even the rumor line on It would be interesting however to follow in on this. Snell has really struggled going 1-7 so far this season so it would be really interesting to see what the Pirates could get back. The Rockies are hot, and it has been seen that now manager Jim Tracy was a huge fan of Snell’s so it could be a fit.

For what it is worth Keith Law has ranked the Boston minor league system as seventh best in the league because of their recent strong drafts. This could be very beneficial to the Pirates as shown by the recent trades they have made over the past two years are focused on stocking the minor leagues. He ranks Colorado as 16th best so they are about middle of the road. Like I said I am not sure about the Snell trade value. I am sure having Tracy liking him helps, but we will see soon.

In the first Steelers news of Three Rivers Burgh Blog it was noted today that Big Ben shot an 81 at Bethpage Black. For what it is worth Bethpage Black is known as one of the hardest PGA golf courses on the tour. Tiger Woods recently said that both Ben and Jordan would not be able to break 100 on the course. Guess Ben really showed him. This just is a testament to how good of an athlete Roethlisberger is. Mentally preparing for the challenge and following through with the game plan is something he does all the time. Having Rocco Mediate as your caddie does not hurt either.

The Steelers also signed their first draft picks the other day. The Steelers signed third round pick Keenan Lewis, and fifth round picks Joe Burnett and Frank Summers.

A little late on this one, but the Steelers Super Bowl Ring is massive. Really some people could wear that as a bracelet.

Wide Receiver Santonio Holmes had his drug charges dropped. The defense that Holmes’ attorney was that the Holmes’ rights were violated because the search warrant wasn’t specific enough. Bottom line, if you want to smoke up, do it at home. Not in front of Mellon Arena (or whatever is there after next year).

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