Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bucs Drop 5th Straight

Well in the game preview I wrote earlier yesterday I gave a few statistics about how Ian Snell has not been pitching that badly. I actually thought he would come in strong against a struggling Indians team. An Indians team, mind you, that had a rookie throwing off the mound with a 7+ ERA and an opponent batting average of .301. I could have not been more wrong about tonight. Another poor pitching performance.

This was not ALL on Ian tonight though. Just let me as someone wtf was Steve Pearce doing in right field in the third inning? He runs up on a ball that literally bounces right beside him and proceeds to go the whole way to the wall with runners on first and second base. Needless to say he turned in a single, that probably would not have scored a run, into a stand up triple that scored two. The book will not show an error, but what a horrible, terrible, and unwatchable play.

Ian Snell would proceed to walk a few batters, give up two more runs in the inning, giving him the hook after only 2.2 innings. Through two innings Snell only threw 19 pitches, and in two thirds of an inning after that 51. 51 pitches in part of the third inning. That is what three walks will do. How much longer is he in the rotation? Does he get thrown to the pen like Karstens?

I must give credit where credit is due. Jeff Karstens has been pitching very well in his new role as long relief. He went a perfect 1.1 inning tonight and has only given up 1 earned run in his last 9.1 innings pitched. Maybe not a starter, but nice to have someone come out of the pen during nights like to tonight where it basically could be a start.

The rest of the Bucs pen was pretty solid tonight after a few off days. Burnett went an inning only giving up a hit, Evan Meek gave up a home run on his first pitch but battled back to not give up another hit in his two innings of work. Jesse Chavez also went a scoreless inning as did Matt Capps. A shame we can’t get both starting and relief pitching at the same time.

The Pirates offense was pretty stagnant tonight. Outside of the frantic ninth inning the Pirates only were able to bang out four hits. Adam LaRoche, Diaz, and Jack Wilson all had two hits each for the Bucs. They battle hard late but need to produce a run here and there in the first eight innings. Five run, ninth inning comebacks do not happen all that often.

Hopefully tonight turns around the five game losing streak.

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