Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bucs Win: Pirates 10, Tribe 6

Hard to believe that you can win a baseball game with good pitching, good hitting, AND good defense? Who thought of this ridiculous baseball equation. Well, whatever the case the Pirates played it to a T tonight in game two of the series against the Cleveland Indians and set the rubber match for tomorrow.

The Pirates started the game with an onslaught of hits, picking up 12 in the first four innings alone to go along with nine runs. The first four innings were capped off with a Jason Jaramillo two run home run with two outs in the fourth, one batter after starter Carl Pavano got yanked. Every Pirate got a hit in the first four innings, including starter Zach Duke who drove in the first run of the game.

Pavano, who has let hitters hit just under .300 against him this season, could not make it out of the fourth inning giving up 11 hits and eights runs, although only three of the runs were earned. Coming into the game I looked at Pavano’s stats and made the comparison that they are close to Huff’s numbers from last night. I then immediately thought that Pavano would throw a complete game two hitter. Just the luck of the Bucs and how the losing streak was going.

I would have been wrong. Finally seeing some offense and it was nice. The Bucs also stole some bases tonight as Nyger Morgan picked up one as did Adam LaRoche. LaRoche had a nice night at the plate going 3 for 4 with a home run and three RBI. Morgan, Sanchez, and Jaramillo also had multiple hits tonight.

Zach Duke came out and did what the Pirates pitchers need to do. Throw strikes. Duke went 6 innings yielding only one right and threw 63 of his 94 pitches for strikes. The Pirates have a good defense, let them make plays. Zach Duke did what he needed to do to win.

Although the game was played very well by the Bucs leave it to Steven Jackson to give up five runs in the ninth on two home runs. That is why you score ten runs, so you can give up five in the ninth and still be up by four, I guess. Whatever.

I must say, Nyger Morgan should have a mic on for every single game. Listening to him during the game was a nice change of pace and he embraced it whole heartedly. At the beginning of the game he welcomed everyone to the ballpark and gave us a weather update. He then proceeded to tell first baseman Victor Martinez to say hi to everyone in the burgh and then told him “I am going to get number 18 (stolen base of the season) here.” And he did. As Jaramillo hit his home run he was walking up the step, grabbed the mic on his shirt and put it up to his mouth and said “much love to the Jaramillo family.” It was awesome and I hope they do that with him more often.

All in all a great performance tonight by the Pirates, picking up from the ninth inning last night. Let’s hope they can come back and win the series tomorrow night.

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