Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Craig Monroe, Bucs Win

Pirates 3 6 0
Braves 2 6 0

What turned into be a pitchers duel was won by Craig Monroe. Not with his bat. With his legs. Monroe with one of the best heads up plays I have seen all year. Adam LaRoche hit an infield single up the middle and as Braves second baseman Kelly Johnson flipped to second base to try and get Freddy Sanchez at second but Steady Freddy was safe and Craig Monroe rounded third and scored from second on the infield single.

What an amazing heads up play by Monroe. That is what wins ballgames and we saw that tonight. In the post game interview Monroe made the comment that Tony Beasley preached in spring training that when they are running the bases to make the defense stop you. Who would have thought listening to your coaches would work? Not me.

How amazingly fast is Andrew McCutchen? Almost beating out a medium hit ground ball to the second baseman is unreal. I don’t care if I am playing second, that is a routine play that Cutch made look like Johnson had to dive up the middle to get.

Bigger story is Charlie Morton. I missed the first inning but a friend sends me a text message that says “What the hell? We get hurt goods.” I immediately think s***, you have got to be kidding me. Right after I post about how we have to give him a chance then we realize he has arm troubles. Luckily (I guess) enough it was only a tight hamstring. Only threw an inning, giving up a run. I guess we will have to wait to see.

Nyger Morgan and Freddy each picked up a couple hits for the Buccos. Good for Nyger as he has been struggling a bit as of later, and also good for my fantasy team.

Jeff Karstens picked up his third win of the season while Jair Jurrjens took the loss. Capps came in and picked up a save after giving up a homerun and earned his 14th save.

Any win is a good win, and at 27-32 the Pirates are in decent shape.

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