Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Greetings everyone. Not sure how many of you will be reading this blog but I would like to welcome those of you who have inevitably stumbled onto my blog. This will be my first blogging experience so don't expect too much. Also don't expect too much for the spell check factor. I am a very bad speller and I will not say I am sorry for it. Back to the real reason for the blog. I am an avid reader of blogs (the Pensblog, Empty Netters, Pensburgh, WHYGAVS just to name a select few). Those bloggers are great at what they do. I am in now way going to compare to them but I, like most of you, have opinions and I feel this will be a nice change of pace. Feel free to leave comments from the post and most importantly lets support our Burgh teams! Thank you guys and hopefully this goes well.

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