Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Morgan Gone

Well it is a done deal. Earlier today I had posted about Nyger maybe going to the Nationals today, and well, it happened.

DK from the PG just finalized it. You can read all the updates here.

As I said before I like Nyger Morgan. He is a good clubhouse guy, has good speed, and a average to below average bat. Nyger is hitting somewhere around .277 so he has probably exceeded any expectations that he had coming into the season. The Pirates are selling high. Morgan is going to be 29 years old in a few days. Milledge is 25 with much, much more potential. He has had some issues with effort but from what I am reading some people say he is a good guy, just falls into lapses. Who knows. Burnett is also going to Washington. He has been up and down, not only this year but throughout his career.

Overall I like the deal. Get younger and better with Milledge, although I will really miss Nyger.

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