Friday, June 26, 2009

NHL Draft/Pirates

Well, the Bucs won last night during a pretty exciting game. They pulled out a 3-2 victory on an Andrew McCutchen RBI single in the ninth. This was set up by a great head up play by Jack Wilson to steal third with no outs. McCutchen was trying to bunt Wilson to third and the Indians had the wheel play on. McCutchen missed the bunt but Wilson beats the shortstop to third base and shows what heads up baseball can do. McCutchen then wins the ball game with a single to left. Ball game.

Nice overall game. Beat a good pitcher, Ross threw a nice game, bullpen came in and got the job done and the Bucs clutched up. Took the series from Cleveland (can they beat us at anything?) and that is all she wrote.

I have to agree with Pat over at WHYGAVS in his post about the game when he says Cutch has surpassed every expectation he had of him coming in. 22 years old and he is performing like this. He is almost averaging an RBI a game and is hitting triples like it’s his job (well it kinda is, but you get the point). He can run, play defense, and hit. I feel more confident with him at the plate than almost anyone on the team. Is this more of a fact that Cutch is the real deal or that we just don’t have the clutch player? No idea, but if he keeps this up we are looking at a legit candidate for ROY.

It also must be noted that I loved what JR did sticking up for Nyger Morgan after he was hit by a pitch and the home plate umpire said it was a foul ball. JR gets run, probably for saying the f bomb as it didn’t look like he did too much to get tossed, and then he really gets his money’s worth. He walks away and then storms back, much to the joy of the 30,000+ at PNC Park and really stands up for Nyger. Love it.

Forbes Field 100 years.

NHL draft is hours away and to even guess who the Penguins are going to take is a stab in the dark. It is nice to pick 30th. Winning the Cup is awesome. Nobody is even really sure who is going to go number one. Tavares? Hedman? Duchene? Who knows. Maybe we will see some trades.

The Pensblog has a great look at the draft needs of the teams. Very good post by the staff over there. Personal favorites are the breakdowns of Montreal and Philadelphia. Classic.

The NHL also stated today that they are setting the cap at $56.8 mil. Slight increase from last season. It remains to be seen how the Penguins will use their cap space. It'll be a very interesting free agency period with some teams that have a ton of cap and some teams that don't have enough cap room to buy a pack of gum. I can't wait to see how the Lightning can mess up and sign some average players for Geno money. Oh the NHL is great. does a nice job here making an all-star team of players taken after the 150th pick, a team of players picked from 100 or below, and a team of undrafted players.

Blair and Young got picked back to back in last nights draft with Young getting picked by Memphis at picked 36th overall by Memphis and Blair taken 37th overall by San Antonio. Thought one, or both, might go in the first round, but they didn’t. The biggest difference is that first round players get guaranteed money, second round players don’t.

RIP Michael Jackson. King of pop will be missed. One of my favorite songs:

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