Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pirates/Tribe, Steelers Sign Starks

The Bucs open up a three game stand with the Cleveland Indians tonight. Ian Snell is going to be on the bump for the Bucs, not sure if that is good or bad for the Pirates chances. Snell comes into tonight’s contest with a 2-7 record with a 5.08 ERA and has been very inconsistent for most of the season. Despite the record these are the number of earned runs that Snell has given up over the past ten starts: 2, 2, 3, 5, 6, 3, 3, 3, 5, 1. That is an average of 3.3 earned runs given up per game. In that same stretch Snell has six quality starts during that ten game frame. Not bad. The stats are much better than his record or ERA. Let’s see if the offense and bullpen can back him up tonight.

Dejan Kovacevic of the PG put together a pretty good article today about the ten reasons to get excited for the Pirates-Indians series that sets off tonight. His number one reason should sum it all up for anyone from Pittsburgh.

Speaking of which, this notion was brought up on ESPN Radio this morning. Should the Pirates be playing the Indians every year in interleague play in order to form some sort of rivalry. I have to initially say yes. This is a no brainer. To take it a step further I feel the Pirates should play the Phillies more. Those two teams should be natural rivals for the Bucs just on distance alone. The Steelers have the Browns, the Pens have the Flyers and the Bucs have neither. Sure the Pirates are struggling and so are the Indians, but come on. Pittsburgh vs. Cleveland. That is what it comes down to. Close trip, and when these teams turn it around this could become very good. The Yankees/Mets and Dodgers/Angels play each other so why not Pirates/Indians? Food for thought I guess.

Max Starks just signed a new four year deal to be with the Steelers through 2012. The financials were not disclosed. That will be interesting. This locks down a lineman for the Steelers for the long term and pending the cap hit that he will take should be a pretty good deal. If there is one thing about the Steelers it’s that they are very good at evaluating players and signing the right ones. I will back them until they prove me otherwise.

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