Saturday, June 27, 2009

Pittsburgh ESPY Nominations

The Oscars of the sports world are coming soon upon us, which are the ESPY's. The nominations have been made and I took the time to compile the list of the awards our Pittsburgh team's are up for this season. Winning two championships will help the cause to get you nominated and the Penguins/Steelers find themselves on quite a few. I threw in my two cents on the awards and we should see the Burgh bring home some hardware. And here it is...

Best Game

1) SB XLIII – Steelers defeat Cardinals on last second touchdown

2) #2Rafael Nadal defeats #1 Rodger Federer in the 2008 Wimbledon Final

3) Syracuse vs. UConn in 2008 Big East Tournament Quarterfinal in six OT Syracuse wins 127-117

TRBB Pick: In what might have been one of the best Super Bowls in the history of the NFL I have to give the pick to the Syracuse/UConn game. If the difference would come down to tens of votes to declare this winner then I would not be surprised. Six overtimes though? I watched that game and was glued to it. I know I might take some flack being from Pittsburgh but for a Big East Tournament Quarterfinal game to get a nomination says something. Six overtimes. What a game and I feel it will just barely edge out the Super Bowl. What must not be underscored is the Nadal/Federer match. Tennis is not huge in the nation but this was a terrific match.

Best Play

1) Big Ben’s hook up to Santonio Holmes with 35 seconds left to win Super Bowl XLIII

2) Alexander Ovechkin goal vs. New York Rangers in game five of the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals.

3) Manny Pacquiao KO’s Hatten

4) Michael Crabtree makes game winnings catch with one second left vs. Texas

TRBB Pick: AO does not get the nod here. The Steelers get it. AO’s play probably comes in third place in my book. Crabtree’s play was ballsy to say the least. He choose to stay in bounce with no timeouts rather than take the safe play and go out of bounce and kick the FG. But this was not even a bowl game. The Steelers were in the Super Bowl and Tone had no room for error, and neither did Ben. What a play for one of the biggest, if not the biggest, sports games in the nation. Plus I am from Pittsburgh and AO sucks. On a side note James Harrison should have been a nomination for his TD to end the half. Should be there. Might have even won. He got hosed.

Best Team

1) UConn Women’s Basketball – Perfect 39-0 season with a National Championship

2) LA Lakers – NBA Champions

3) UNC Men’s Basketball – Fifth team in NCAA history to win all games by double digits

4) Philadelphia Phillies – World Series Champions

5) Pittsburgh Penguins – NHL Champions

6) Pittsburgh Steelers – Super Bowl Champions

TRBB Pick: Oh man. Two teams on this list. Feels real good. The darkhorse in this pick is the UConn women’s team. 39-0. Not losing a single game. I really have a hard time making this pick because I throw out the Phillies and UNC team right away. Philadelphia sucks anyways. Congrats on finally winning something with your four teams. I am picking the Steelers with the Penguins coming in second. The game was amazing and they deserve it. The Penguins won two games sevens, on the road. This is really a toss up for me. You know what. Forget it. They tie and both get the trophy. Yea, I can do that.

Best Coach

1) Geno Auriemma – UConn women’s basketball coach

2) Dan Bylsma – Pittsburgh Penguins coach

3) Phil Jackson – LA Lakers coach

4) Joe Maddon - TB Rays coach

5) Mike Tomlin – Pittsburgh Steelers coach

TRBB – Disco Dan didn’t come in till late so I really don’t think he has much of a chance even though he has done a great job. I have to make it between Phil Jackson and Geno Auriemma. Jason has 10 NBA titles and Auriemma went undefeated and has an amazing resume too. Since this is an ESPY nomination for this year I am going to go with Geno. 39-0 is amazing. Everyone thought the Patriots were the shoe in a few years ago and they kinda got big heads. To deal with women everyday and keep them on track and focused for all of those games is remarkable.

NFL Player

1) Larry Fitzgerald

2) James Harrison

3) Payton Manning

4) Adrian Peterson

5) Kurt Warner

TRBB – This is a really, really tough pick. AP had an amazing year rushing for like 100,000 yards while he had no passing game to speak of. Kurt is old and got his team to the Super Bowl, Fitz is just a beast, Peyton Manning had a solid year, and James Harrison was the defensive player of the year in the NFL. The Steelers won the Super Bowl and he made the play that changed the game. That says something to me. James Harrison with Fitz coming in second. The Steelers won, not the Cardinals. If the Cardinals pulled out the game I would say Fitz. Defense wins championships.

NHL Player

1) Evgeni Malkin

2) Sidney Crosby

3) Alexander Ovechkin

4) Pavel Datsyuk

TRBB – Crosby over Malkin. Crosby is the captain and led the league in playoff scoring. Malkin will be close, but I hope they do not split fan votes and leave it for AO. That would be a crime. Although Sid did not score much in the Finals he neutralized Lidstrom and Zetterberg and really made them work very very hard for a lot of minutes which opened up the ice for Geno. Sid should win this award with Geno being the runner up. I hope they still interview Geno though. I love when he does interviews.

Well there you have it. The winners will be announced on July 19th. The results will come from complete fan voting and you can vote for all the Pittsburgh nominee's here. Happy voting.

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