Friday, June 12, 2009

SCF Game 7 - Penguins @ Redwings

I will be in attendance for the game 7 on tonight at the Joe Louis Arena to watch the Pens hopefully skate around with the cup. Saturday afternoon will probably be the post game so it will be kind of late. Shoulda have some great pictures from the trip.

Before we get to the preview this has to be linked. Leafs sign goalie consultant. The Leafs found a new goaltending consultant. Could it get worse there? I mean what is he going to do? I know what to do. Get a goalie.

And a few more links…

Sykora likely will be out of the lineup

Evidently game 7 will not be in the Pens favor

Solid find by Puck Daddy via Bleacher Report, top 40 players to never win a cup.

In the first round nobody really made the Flyers seem like a team that should beat the Penguins. Yes the Flyers were a fair opponent, but when you blow a 3-0 lead at home in game six of the series to lose then you don’t deserve to be in the playoffs at that point. But they did sign Ray Emery. Ha

In the second round we heard all about how AO was going to score at will and the flavor of the weak Simon Varlomov was too hot to beat. Yea, how did that work out?

In the conference finals we faced the hottest team to end the regular season and they had their stud goalie coming in. Well after game four of that series the clean up crew at the RBC Center didn’t have to do much because the Pens swept that clean

This, however, is different. Detroit Red Wings. Defending Cup Champs. Chris Osgood. Marion Hossa.

3-3, all bets are off, anything can happen.

The Joe will surely be buzzing and the Wings are going to feed off of their crowd which means MAF is going to have to be sharp early. Getting in the hole by two goals will be a death sentence and chants of “We Want The Cup” will be raining down from the roof.

Stall, Kennedy, Cooke. They have truly been great all series. Continued cycling of the puck and puck possession are going to make them a deadly line in the game and could turn out to be the true X factor of this game.

Crosby and Malkin, although scoreless in the last two games, have been playing well. People say they aren’t scoring, but doing the little things will win games too. It would be different if they weren’t getting chances, but they are.

Watching Marion Hossa sit on the side boards as Bing goes to get the cup will easily make my trip and my week. He went there because he had a better chance. We will prove him wrong.
Don't get me wrong, the Wings are a great team that has star power just as much as the Penguins do. Game 7, one bounce could be the difference between which color jersey skates around that rink. All of you Penguins fans that are going to be at the Joe (myself included) need to be loud and be heard. Lets Go Pens chants all night. We will not go down without a fight. This is our time.

If you need anything to remind you what this team has gone through you have to read what The Pensblog put together last night. Epic Post. This is what the Pittsburgh Penguins are all about. This is what Pittsburgh is all about.

If Pittsburgh brings home the Stanley Cup they will not just do it for themselves. They will not just do it for the organization or even just for the city itself. They will do it for everyone who is a Pens fan all over the nation. They will do it for all the Steelers fans and all the Pirates fans. In Pittsburgh it is not ever team for themselves. Pittsburgh sports are united. This championship will be for everyone all over the world. Lets bring it home.

If this doesn’t get you up then nothing will

Do it.

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