Sunday, June 14, 2009

These Broken Wings

Well another night has gone by. Yes, the Penguins are still your cup champions!

I have watched numerous parts/whole game a few times on NHL Network and seen the SportsCenter clips about a billion times. It never gets old. What a feeling.

As promised I am back here today, got my pictures downloaded onto the hard drive of my computer and the following are a few of the favorites from the magical night.

The Joe Outside:

The Pre-Game Video:

Anthem Pic:

The Wings watching the Pens celebrate:

The Handshake Line:

2-1 Pens

Super Mario Lifting the Cup

How Sweet It Is

Sid and His Old Man

The Cup Banner

Some glaring statistics that I have noticed in looking over both overall scoring and game 7 itself:

Pittsburgh blocked 20 shots in game 7. 20 shots. The Wings only blocked three. That is exactly what Sidney Crosby talked about all the sacrifices the team has made through the playoffs. What a gutsy effort by not just the defense but the forwards as well. Orpik blocked five shots and Dupuis also blocked 3 of his own.

Despite being dominated in the faceoff circle, losing 33 of 47 face offs, the Penguins were still able to keep the Wings at bay. Detroit was able to get a lot of offensive zone face offs, especially late. The Penguins are lucky this stat didn’t burn them.

The Penguins were also outshot 24-18. The Penguins had only one shot in the third period which was a wrist shot from Geno Malkin 15:45 into the period.

The Wings had 25 giveaways and the Penguins had 10 takeaways. Detroit was very sloppy with the puck.

“Its coming home baby, the Stanley Cup is coming home!”

The Penguins did a little bit of celebrating last night.

There will be some kind of party tomorrow for the Penguins.

Marion Hossa said that he does not regret the decision he made. Right. I’m sure.

Pascal Dupuis does not feel bad about though.

The Penguins will take the Cup to PNC Park today. Billy Guerin will be throwing out the first pitch.

Some headlines from the papers/websites around the media:

The Detroit News
Broken Wings

Detroit Free Press
Just Not Enough
Pitty Party

That is all I have for many things to go over. Way to go Pens!

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