Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Twin Dome, Bucs Lose

Our Bucs dropped the first game of their trip to Minnesota against the Twins. The Pirates move to 30-34 on the season. The game basically came down to Paul Maholm not being able to do much with any of his pitches and Joe Mauer being an absolute beast.

One of the bright spots in the night for the Bucs came in the second inning when Jason Kubel hit a ball of the garbage bags that the Twins consider a right field wall and made a perfect relay to Freddy who gunned down a run at the plate trying to score from first.

About the last good the Pirates did all night came in the top of the third. Nyger Morgan tied the score with a two run home run. Let me say that again. Nyger Morgan tied the score with a two run home run. This was no cheap. This was a no doubt home run which was Morgan’s first of the season and second of his career.

Andrew McCutchen lost a ball in the bottom of the fifth inning in the roof of the dome which cost the Pirates a run. Adam LaRoche also did not help the cause when the score was 4-2 and he grounded into an inning ending double play with the bases loaded and only one out. After having some life in the game early it was shortly live as the Twins offense just had their way with Pirates pitching.

Maholm only went 5+ innings giving up 14 hits and eight earned runs. Paul was all over the place and was only aided by three double play balls that Freddy and Jack turned to get him out of a few jams.

The Twins were just an offensive machine tonight. Every time Paul had a decent pitch the Twins hitters spoiled it and either hit the ball straight back up the middle or the other day. If you wanted to learn how to hit you could have watched the Twins tonight.

The Twins had hits in each of the first six innings and having two or more hits in five of those innings. They scored in every inning but the fourth during that stretch. Every Twins starter but Nick Punto had a hit by the end of the third inning. For what it is worth every hitter for the Pirates except for Andy LaRoche and Jaramillo had a hit, but only McCutchen and Delwyn Young had more than one hit.

If you wanted to pick out one players and say that he is who you want to build your team around not named Puljos it would be Joe Mauer. Coming into the game he was hitting .415, and his average went up. I mean are you kidding me? What a gifted athlete. He ended the game hitting .429 after going 4 for 4 with a couple of runs scored.

Below is something I am going to try to do for games. Not sure if it is going to be worthwhile or not so let me know if you like it. I will put a screen shot of the box score at the bottom. If it is not readable then you can drag it into another tab in your browser to make it readable or you can click on it. Hope you enjoy it. Go Bucs.

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