Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Let me preface this by saying that I am not really a huge soccer fan. I will not watch American soccer leagues and I am not enough of a follower to watch any premier leagues even if I could. I will however watch the USA in the World Cup and in huge matches, like today.

Spain came in as the number one team in the world. Hadn’t lost an international match in 35 contests. The USA has only beaten a number one team once, ever. Spain has only allowed two goals in the last 13 matches.

USA – 2, Spain – 0

Shock and awe.

For the first time ever the USA is in the final of the Confederation Cup. Way to go. We might no be the best team in soccer, as proof by getting man handled by Italy and Brazil a few games ago, but we have heart. The USA played great defense as Spain came with an absolute onslaught to end the game. Who cares. USA baby!

Just like in a game seven, anything can happen in one game. Winner take all. The USA took down a power and shocked the world.

Does this mean they will win the World Cup next year? No.

Does this give a shred of hope for a better result than the past few World Cup’s past? Sure.

Does this mean much for Pittsburgh? No

Does it mean much for America? Maybe

Am I proud to be from America? Hell Yea!

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