Saturday, June 13, 2009

Yes We Can...Pens Win Stanley Cup

The Pens crushed the Orange.
They Rocked the Red.
They turned a hurricane into a light drizzle.
They clipped the Wings.

What an amazing feeling to be a Penguins fan.

Where do you even start? The next line is where you start.

“When I compared the two teams, I felt like I would have a little better of a chance to win the cup in Detroit”

We all know who said that.

Suck it.

Being at the game was a surreal experience. I was up in one of the last rows of the arena. There were easily 5,000 Pen’s fans there. As Seth from Empty Netters put it in his live game blog:

“The "LET"S GO PENS!" chant in our end of the arena is deafening. This is amazing.”

The Penguins cheers were just as loud, if not louder than the Wings cheers. No lie. The fans that showed up to the JLA were at their best today, just like the team.

The Penguins were just simply outstanding tonight. They weathered the first 10 minutes of the game where the Wings actually had some good chances and some decent shots. After that it was all Penguins all the time. What a great effort by the entire team. Crosby gets hurt when the Pens are up 1-0 and they still put another goal in and choke the life out of the Detroit offense until late.

Who scores bigger goals than Max Talbot? I dare you to pick a player in this series who has as many clutch goals as him. What an effort. A great pass by Brad Stuart for the first one and then the sniper shot for the second. That was all the Penguins would need.

I hope we are all done bashing MAF for a while. He might have made one of the best saves in the 2009 playoffs. Much like last year against Ottawa when he dove to make a save, he did this year too. The difference being this was game 7 of the finals with one second to go. What a game by MAF. Game 6 and 7 are why he is a big time goalie that gets slighted.

Great find by The Pensblog on this YouTube.

The player of the series is going to go to the third line. What a hell of a job they did last night and all series long. They were amazing cycling the puck, getting scoring chances, and cashing in on those chances. They are the players of the series, no doubt.

Props need to go out to the Redwings. They did blow a 2-0 and 3-2 series lead and lost game 7 in their home barn, but they are an excellent hockey team and had an amazing season.

That being said I was very disappointed in their fans at the JLA last night. Booing an injured player then chanting he sucks as he can barely get off the ice is embarrassing to your fan base and to the organization. That was a classless act and to be honest I expected them not to do something like that. Philadelphia would do that without a doubt, but I was somewhat surprised to hear it from Detroit.

How great is it going to be to see the banner raised in the last year of the Civic Arena/Mellon Arena/Igloo? That venue will be missed and it will be a great farewell present as we look forward to the new barn.

Geno Malkin was your Conn Smythe winner in the playoffs. He led all scorers with 36 points which was the most in well over a decade. What a series he had also, and a playoff run.

The defensive unit was also amazing last night. The Penguins did to the Redwings exactly what the Redwings do to their opponents. Get a two goal lead and just choke the life out of the other team. The Penguins were in the right spot all night. Every rebound was cleared and every check was finished. Orpik finished the game with nine hits. Hossa should have taken Brooks’ idea to take less money for the cup. As Brooks how he feels about it Marion.

Overall there is so much more to write about but I could sit here for a month and not have it perfect. There will be many more posts over the next two or three days with pictures/videos and such both from my trip to JLA and from elsewhere.

Way more stuff to come...soak it all in...

This one is for Pens Nation!

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