Tuesday, July 14, 2009

All-Star Wednesday

Well tonight is the MLB All-Star Game which is being played in Busch Staduim in St. Louis, Missouri. Should be a pretty good contest.

We will see our very own Freddy Sanchez and Zach Duke get to hopefully participate and contribute to the cause here in the mid-summer classic. If you ask me I think the N.L. will break the streak and bring home the victory this year. I am going to call it a 6-4 win. But then again, what do I really know?

Here are your starters for tonight's game:

I like the look of the N.L. line-up a little bit better than the A.L. line-up and I think if they can get an early lead the National League might be able to take this one. The top four hitters for both teams are just brutal for anyone to look at. I see a little advantage going into the bottom of the order with the National League though. Raul Ibanez is having a great season which cancels out with ex-Bucco Jason Bay but I feel that the combo of David Wright/Shane Victorinio will out play the likes of Josh Hamilton (DL for a lot of the year) and Michael Young (more home runs but less RBI than Victorino). We will see how this turns out. It will probably come down the the benches, who knows maybe onto Freddy Sanchez in the late innings.

Very interesting note here to look at for what America thinks will happen. Look at the Sports Nation Poll that I have brought out from ESPN.com:

Most of the states stay pretty true to their teams but states such as California, which has two teams from each league, pulls for the NL while New York, which has one from each, goes for the AL. Overall the American League took about 59% of the vote, as they also took the world vote. It is very interesting to see how a lot of the middle east took the NL while most of the west, and the east coach took the AL. 12 states took the NL and the AL (35 states) had most of the rest with three states having a dead heat. Does America know something? Probably not. Hopefully the NL can pull out of their slump and take the victory tonight.

Oh and by the way, playing for home field advantage is stupid. If you are going to make it mean that then don't force every team to have an all star and don't let the fans vote. If it is for home field then the starters should play the entire game.

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