Friday, July 24, 2009

Around The Horn 7-24-09

Well the Pirates took a tough loss last night to Arizona by the score of 11-4. The Pirates were actually up on the D-backs 4-1 before giving up the 10 unanswered runs. Charlie Morton was rolling through the first four innings but imploded in the fifth and the pen could not recover. Here is the game recap and here is the box score. First pitch for tonights game is 9:40 PM.

Ryan Doumit went deep for the Pirates and drove in two runs. Hopefully this is Doumit finally coming out of the mini slump that he was in coming back from the broken hand. I mean you really couldn't expect him to come back and tear the cover off the ball right off of missing 70 some odd games right? Garrett Jones also continued his hot streak going 3 for 4 and raising his batting average to .338 and driving in two runs himself. Steve Pearce has been called up for Adam LaRoche and got two hits last night. This might be one of his final chances to impress. He has been less than steller in his time on the big league roster and it will be very interesting to see how he responds when he knows he is going to get regular at bats and not just pinch hitting and spot start. That will be something I will be keeping my eye on as the rest of the season plays out.
I will be curious to see how fast Lastings Milledge stays at AAA. If Pearce struggles they could move Garrett Jones to first base and bring Milledge up. If Milledge can perform at a decent level the Morgan deal with be a steal for the Pirates.

Miguel Sano has been "partially cleared" in his hearing. The hearing found that Sano was who he said he was but it has not been proven if he is 16 or 17. You can follow this with DK over at the PG or with Pat over at WHYGAVS. Or you can come here and check out what I have to think. The most interesting part of the story is that the hearing was open to have any team there that was interested and the Pirates were the only team to show. Also his agent said that Sano will sign with the team that throws him the most money. Great.

BTSC brings us an article from the Trib today that says that Alan Faneca wants to go into the Hall of Fame as a Pittsburgh Steeler. I honestly do not see any way that Faneca could go into the hall as anything but a Steeler. I mean come on, unless he wins a few Super Bowls with the Jets he really has no other option. It was nice to hear him come out and say he has no ill will towrds the Steelers. After the uproar he made while he was here I am thinking he finally realized the business aspect of it. The Rooneys always treat their players well and they know when is when.

This might be the only time I talk about Big Ben and his accuser. This is pretty lame if you ask me. If you are raped go to the hospital. Call the police. Do something, anything. A year later? What? Are you kidding me? I mean its a civil suit. I do not see this being a problem. Lets start to get ready to defend our Super Bowl and win number seven.

Training camp is right around the corner. You can feel it in the air. Here We Go Steelers.

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