Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Fifteen Times

In a post I made back in June I chronicled what it was like to face Tim Lincecum as an opponent. If you do not believe me then here is the post. Lincecum gave up two runs last night but this game was not really as close as the 4-2 loss the Pirates gave. For memory purposes here is the game recap and here is the box score.

You will notice that Lincecum had an amazing game. He struck out 15 Buccos last night, which if you watched any part of the game it seemed as if the Pirates didn't want to bat, and threw a complete game in only 115 pitches. Very efficient game by Lincecum.

The Pirates only had four hits with no player having more than on. A few glaring things that I noted from last night games is that in the bottom of the eighth inning Jon Grabow was horrible. I almost turned the game off after he walked the third straight Giant with two outs. Grabow gets a taylor made double play ball after a lead off batter reached and then proceeded to to walk the next three batters and maybe threw two strikes, one of which was questionable at best. Also Steve Pearce's at bat in the ninth might have been just as ugly. Nothing like going out walking a fastball right down then middle, then watch a hanging curve ball then swing at a ball that bounced before home plate. It's not like this was a six run game. A single and the Pirates were one swing of the bat away from tying the game.

Not that the Pirates really deserved to win last night, but what a terrible, and I must underline terrible, call in the early innigns against the Pirates. Garrett Jones has a ball hit off his glove, he then kicks it before it hits the ground and Delwyn Young makes a bare hand catch to end the inning. Or so you thought. The umpires rule that the ball hits the ground. It never came close. The worst part? Not that it cost the Pirates a run and could have cost them the game. That is bad. But what if this win means the Giants win the wild card by one game over, lets say, the Mets. Is it fair that a terrible call might keep a team out of the playoffs? Hell no. Do I want the Mets to make the playoffs? No. Is this call a big deal? Yea.

On a positive note, yes there is one, Jack Wilson continues to play top notch defensive baseball. Wilson made a web gem in the first inning and he made it look easy. Nothing like flipping through the channels and seeing Web Gems coem on Baseball tonight at 10:30 and Jack Wilson already being on them (witht the game starting at 10:10).

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