Saturday, July 18, 2009

Mr. Jones

Garret Jones went bombs away twice last night as the Pirates won a game in extra innings 2-1 over the San Francisco Giants. The Pirates were able to beat (although it will not reflect on his record) Tim Lincecum. Here is the recap. Here is the box.

Pretty solid game all around. Outside of the home run by Jones in the first inning Lincecum was solid all day going seven innings, but not to be outdone was Paul Maholm who went eight innings giving up one run, which was not earned. Jones and Sanchez each pieced together a few hits and the pen did a nice job of holding the fort for Jones to become the 14th player to place a home run ball into the river.
If Jones was three years younger we would have something to talk about. Not that Jones isn't playing amazing, but he is 28 years old. A stop gap for Tabata, Milledge, Sano, or some other prospect we still have. What a gammer though.

Most people will say this was a boring game to watch, but they are wrong. Sure watching 7-6 or 11-9 baseball games is fun for all the scoring, but if you love baseball, like I do, then watching a 2-1 pitchers duel is truely a spectical. Great game no matter what you DH loving American League fans will say.

Also nothing is more underrated than a celebration after a walk off home run. Having all of your teammates at home plate waiting for you to touch is awesome. Sure the Pirates are 11 games under still and have no shot at the playoffs, but it didn't matter. Pure emotion there. Gotta love it. Also the pie in the face is a nice touch after a two home run night.

More good news as prized shortstop Miguel Sano has passed the MLB inspection of age. Sano is 16 years old and is said to be the real deal. The Pirates are right there with some other teams to sign him and I have read where he would like to sign with Pittsburgh. Even if he does not play shortstop he can help the Pirates if he is as good as advertised. This will be very interesting to follow.

The Pirates also have asked Freddy and Jack to take pay cuts to keep them and extend their contracts. Not sure how I really feel about all of that. I am a big believer that if you are going to rebuild then you have to blow it all up, not just pieces. But the Pirates do not really have an plan for either shortstop or second base so would keeping them for two or three more years be bad? We can always trade them and they are probably the best double play combo in MLB right now. Who knows. I really have to think about this one. One thing is for sure, if they trade Jack and Bixler is the option The Pensblog might have to get a picture with me=stunned. Mainly because Bixler is about as useful on this team as my eight year old nephew.

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