Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Not Real Good At The Whole Weather Thing

Pen's DVD came out today and needless to say I actually watched it in the office today and let me tell you it was amazing. Well done by the NHL.

If you watch one thing tonight you have to watch this. TK and Tanger are on KDKA doing the weather. This is very very funny and had me doubled over watching it. Stick to hockey boys.
Props to Seth over at Empty Netters for picking this up.
Mad Max had a torn labrum that he needed repaired that he played through some of the season with. What a trooper. Nothing like scoring two goals in game seven of the Cup Finals with only one shoulder. At least he was able to lift the Cup. That is why they are hockey players, they do things like this that most sports can't. If you were not on the inside you probably couldn't even tell he was hurt. What a human.
Mike Hampton owns the Pirates. Simple as that. Game Recap here. Box here.
As I am typing this post tonights game is already in progress. Eh, who cares. It is my blog so I can do what I want.
Robby Diaz had two hits. The Pirates had four total. That will not win you games. I will try and get a game recap in after the end of the night. If not I will try and get something together.

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