Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Offense Is Not Always The Key, Or Maybe It Is

Well from watching the Pirates over the past couple of weeks it has been increasingly painful to watch them hit. In the past ten games they have gone 3-7 in their last ten games. They are winning some games here and there, but they are winning them by having good innings. There is a huge difference in winning games where you score in four or five innings than winnings games where you score 90% of your runs in one inning. Don't get me wrong, a win is a win, no matter how it comes, but you are not going to be a winning team just with big innings every night.

That is where talent comes in. The Pirates are young, playing without their top hitter, and they just don't have the talent to score in multiple innings. This is a young team that is learning. It will come. But when you are averaging about six and a half hits per game and only about three runs over the past ten games you are not going to win much. Especially when after your big innings you let the opponent score right after. Talk about a momentum killer.

The Bucs are now 3-36 when they are out hit this year. This means that it is so important for the Pirates to string hits together. If they don't, they lose.

Overall a win is a win and you can't knock the Pirates for that. The top of the Bucs lineup really got the job done tonight. Cutch, Jumpin Jack, and Garret Jones all had two hits (which equals six of the Pirates seven hits) while Wilson had three RBI. Those are the only three starters to have hits tonight. Delwyn Young had the pinch hit for the Pirates.

Paul did what he had to do tonight to get the win. Another quality start which gives the Pirates their 47th quality start of the season which ranks 6th in all of the majors. Not bad for a staff that has really been up and down this year. When you can go atleast six innings and only give up three you are going to have a chance to win. Solid stat. Capps came in and got the save. He actually looked really good. Came in, threw strikes and challenged hitters. That is what a closer does.

The Pirates are 38-46, not too great, but not terrible. Hey, at least we are not the Mets. What a disaster.

Here is the recap. Here is the box.

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