Friday, July 31, 2009

Sean Burnett Can Suck It

First off tonights starting line-up is as follows: Cutch-CF, Milledge-LF, Jones-RF, Doumit-C, Young-2B, Pearce-1B, LaRoche-3B, Cedeno-SS, Ohlendorf-P

Should be interesting with a very new line-up.

I will put up a link later but Sean Burnett called the Pirates the laughingstock of baseball. Great. Hey Sean how are the Nats 10 wins? Good one.

EDIT: Here is the link for the Burnett story.

Burnett also went on to say this to DK over at the PG before the game about Nyger Morgan: "He's just unbelievable right now. Like Pujols. He even led off with a home run the other day." I am sorry Sean you should really not talk anymore. Don't ever compare those two ever again.

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