Thursday, July 2, 2009


The Pirates and Mets took the field for their one game series from a rain delay from previous season. Starting pitching was the problem today, not just for the Pirates, but also for the Mets as the Bucs lost 9-8 in 10. The recap is here. The box score is here.

Mets starter Tim Redding went 2.1 innings giving up five runs on six hits while Bucs starter Paul Maholm went 4.1 giving up 11 hits and six runs. Not quite star numbers. Francisco Rodriguez blew his third save of the season when he gave up a two run homer to Adam LaRoche up two in the ninth. His Mets teammates picked him up and got a run in the tenth to get the victory.

As I said before it is hard to analyze a game without actually being able to watch it but Adam LaRoche went 2-5 with his bomb in the ninth finally getting that “clutch hit” that Pirates bandwagon fans always bitch about. Call-up Garrett Jones had a great day going 3-5 and falling a single away from the cycle. He was one of the pieces the Pirates got from the Yankees for Eric Hinske yesterday. He went 0-4 against the Cubs yesterday and had a monster day today. Should be interesting to see how he pans out. He is a 28 year old rookie that is 6-4 245. Big dude. Little old, but we’ll see if he can have some production. Diaz also had three hits for the Bucs. Every starter for the Mets had atleast a hit with four of them having two or more hits.

I feel that I have to do a little more on the Nyger Morgan trade. It is a good trade. People have to take personalities away from the equation. If I just told you we traded a 29 year old outfielder that is hitting .275 with 18 stolen bases and has been caught 10 times and an OPS of .707 you would say good. Nyger is a great dude, but having a good smile does not win baseball games. Get that through your heads. Laughing and telling good jokes does not raise your batting average. It’s the truth. Come on people, have an idea and an open mind about why the Pirates did this trade.

Well there has been a lot going on in the NHL free agency front and not a lot going on for the Penguins. Here is the TSN free agent tracker. Great job by TSN to put this all together. Most recent and most notable is the signing of Rob Scuderi to LA for four years and $13.6 mil per. It was noted by Rob Rossi earlier in the day that the Penguins could only go a little above $2 mil for a five year deal for Scuds but he decided to go elsewhere. I love Scuds and respect his decision. Good Luck Scuds.

Our homie Marion Hossa signed a 12 year - $62.8 million deal. What a joke. The contract is very front loaded which I believe has something like $58 mil of that going to Hossa in the first eight years. Good for him. Although he didn’t let this tidbit go by: “I’m sure if there was no salary cap I’m sure I would still be in Detroit.” Marion forgot to add to the end of that that he didn’t want to be in Chicago. No kidding Marion and if there were no cap then AO would be making $89 mil per year and still not winning a cup.

Hal Gil went to Montreal. Pens didn’t want to give him a second year. No problem with that.

Marion Gaborik signed a five year deal with the Rangers for $7.5 mil a year. Really? $7.5? Sid and Geno make $8.7 annually, you think Gaborik is worth that much? Well it is New York. Screw ‘em.

The Pens signed Mike Rupp to a two year deal. Gritty left winger that does not score much and can mix it up a little bit. There have been rumors of the Pens moving Dupuis/Godard and the signing of Rupp might put some truth to that. That would open up cap room to sign Tenk and possibily a few d-men and a back up goalie.

In Ray We Trust.

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