Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wilson, Snell, Gone.

The Pirates this morning traded away the longest tenured Pirate and the most trouble as of recent to the Seattle Mariners. Shortstop Jack Wilson and pitcher Ian Snell were traded to Seattle for Jeff Clement, Ronny Cedeno, Aaron Pribanic, Brett Lorin, and Nathan Adcock.

Here is the PBC Blog on the PG where DK will be keeping you updated. Make sure you keep checking there. There are a lot of updates he will have throughout the day which I will not have.

Pat over at WHYGAVS also has his take on the trade. Good reads with some good links.

Overall it is very tough to see how the Pirates will work out on this trade. This is a two for five trade which helps the farm system and most of the players we are getting back are in the early 20's. It remains to be seen how they will go through the system and help the Pirates in the future.

Clement will be the key in the trade. He has put up big numbers in the minor leagues.

It is hard to say you are surprised with the deal, Wilson will not be here for youth push we have had and Ian Snell has all but said he wanted out. Might as well get somethign for them while you can. Wilson turned down the Pirates extension so it was pretty clear that he had to go. If two or three of these players will be able to make a difference this is a clear win for the Pirates. I think the trade needed to be done. Freddy is probably next to go and please do not be surprised when he does.

I have said a million times before that Jack Wilson is one of the best defensive shortstops in the major leagues and hitting .270ish made him a very nice shortstop for the Pirates, and now Seattle. He will definatly be missed, especially how the PA announcer says his name when he comes to bat and "Jumpin Jack Flash" will not have the same meaning when I hear it.

More later.

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