Thursday, August 6, 2009

Almost No Hit, Then Blow Lead

Well the Pirates continue on their free fall down the N.L. standings as they took back to back losses last night and tonight to the Arizona Diamondbacks. Last night the Bucs did their damndist to get no hit by a pitcher that had about a 100 ERA and today give up three in the eighth to lose 4-3.

It is going to be a long rest of the season but I have a good feeling this team is going in the right direction. Hopefully his is only he start of some successful teams over the next handful of years.

Well I have not talked much about the Steelers lately. I am not going to be able to attend training camp because I am currently located in Fairbanks, Alaska for the next year and I have been a little out of touch from the scene. I am, however, able to listen to the afernoons on ESPN radio about training camp as well as reading the papers online.

I am stoked for Steelers season. They are going to be good, no doubt about it.

After signing Heath the Steelers basically said that they will not resign any other players this year because of cap concerns. That means that Ryan Clark, Big Snack, Jeff Reed, Fast Willie as well as many others will not be resigned and might be testing the free agent waters. Who is the most important? My cash is on Jeff Reed. Before you sit there and say that I am crazy (again) check out this write up by Ron Cook today about Reed. No question about it, Reed is cash money. I say Reed and Clark are the most important ones here. Ryan Clark is very underrated and really makes Troy so much better (if that is possible). Those two would be my priority and I would like to get them wrapped up. But whatever the Steelers do I will be ok with. I mean can you argue with their success?

Also RIP to those people affected by the fatal shooing at the LA Fitness Center back at home. You are in everyone prayers.

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