Monday, August 17, 2009

The Blind Squirrel Finds a Nut

By blind squirrel I mean the Pittsburgh Pirates and by "finds a nut" means...well you get where I am going with this.

In the previous four games the Pirates pounded out 19 hits, today they accounted for 16. 16 hits. What happened today? Outside of Ryan Doumitt (0-for-5) everyone was a part of the hit parade today, even pitcher Kevin Hart. Hart not only went six innings yielding four earned runs but he also went 2-for-2 with an RBI in the winning cause. Matt Capps even earned a scoreless inning. MATT CAPPS!

What I am feeling the problem is going to be with this game is that the Pirates just used up all their hits in one game.

What I was really surprised about was that Delwyn Young is hitting .309. I didn't really see that coming. Who cares. Big win for the Pirates. I hate Milwaukee.

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