Sunday, August 9, 2009

Bucs Signin Picks

The Bucs dropped their eighth straight game as they fall to the Cardinals by the score of 7-3. If you care here is the game recap and here is the game box score.

I watched the GameCast on ESPN and when I turned it on in the sixth inning and it was 3-1 Pirates and weirdly enough the Pirates had eight his and every single position player had exactly one hit at that point. I wonder how often that actually happens. Probably not very often.

Zach Duke actually pitched a pretty nice game going 7.1 innings and only giving up three (two earned) and striking out two while lowering his ERA to around 3.20. But like we have seen before Matt Capps comes in, pitches to face two batter, not record any outs, give up two earned runs, blow a save and then get tossed for hitting Big Albert. I mean really? How bad can it possibly get for Capps this season? I mean his ERA is 5.96 on the season. This is very similar to how it was when Mike Williams was the Bucs closer a while ago. A couple good seasons then just completely blowing up. Go figure.

Milledge, Young and Vasquez all had two hits on the day as the Pirates collected 11 hits on the day. I guess you can look for positives. Duke’s performance was one and getting 11 hits is always a plus. That is about it. Very tough to watch even if I could only watch the GameCast.

In other Pirates related news the Pirates are about to come to terms with highly touted draft pick Zack Von Rosenberg. Here is an article by the PBC blog at the PG about the signing.

Good write up on the kid. A little bit from the article that caught my eye was that Baseball America actually had the kid as a first rounder but he fell in the draft because most teams felt he was going to honor his scholarship to LSU and play ball down there.

Maybe the best part of the whole article was when they talked about Von Rosenberg actually said he talked to other draft picks, pitchers Colton Cain and Zach Dodson, and said they want to be part of the rebuilding from the minor leagues up. This is very exciting if you are a Pirates fan as you have your draft picks talking about revamping the system. Very cool. These pitchers that the Pirates have signed are also being talked about as being in the systems top 10 prospect list. Good day even if the Bucs had a tough loss.

The Pirates have also successfully signed all picks they took in rounds 1-10. Another solid draft yea for the Pirates. Hopefully they get better soon. Pittsburgh needs it.

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