Wednesday, August 12, 2009



The Pirates broke an eight game losing steak and beat the Colorado Rockies tonight 7-3. Granted the Rockies pitches closely resembled my 10 year old little league team, but we will take them anyway we can get them. For your viewing pleasure here is the game recap and here is the box score.

Looking at the box score you know you are going to have a good night when the starting pitcher on the other side goes 2.2 innings giving up four earned runs on only one hit. I mean think about that. How hard is it to do that when someone does not even hit a home run? I mean walking six hitters in 2.2 innings does not do your team any help, but lets be serious here. Which reliever did we trade to the Rockies to start tonight's ballgame?

Our old buddy Josh Fogg came in to try and stop the bleeding. If you consider giving up five hits in your first inning of work stopping the bleeding then Mr. Fogg should be working in the ER (with our pen mind you).

The Dorfer earned the win going six strong and giving up three earned.

Cutch better hope he does not get caught by the police on the way back to the hotel because he is going to get five to ten for grand theft for the bags he was stealing tonight. He took three bags on the night, twice stealing third, as the Pirates stole five bags total and didn't get thrown out once. Is someone saying game plan? Solid work.

Cutch also scored three runs while walking three times as Jones, Doumitt, Young and Cedeno each had two hits tonight with Young driving in two runs.

Finally a win. Celebrate.

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