Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Can't Always Get Lucky

Bottom of the 9th, down 1-0, one out. Brandon Moss pinch hits and takes a Ryan Madson 1-1 pitch out of the ball park and a tie ball game. Who then comes up two batters later but Andrew McCutchen. Could he do it again? How awesome would it be if...strikeout.

Well it could have been a real sweet story but Cole Hammels made sure there were no fireworks at PNC Park today. Hammels is pretty good. Now I know I am not telling you something you don't already know but he was just straight dealin. He went eight innings, striking out seven. No runs given up.

Not to be outdone Paul Maholm pitched another wonderful game for the Pirates. He went seven innings, striking out four and only giving up a Chase Utley home run in the first inning. The Pirates pen did a nice job too. Let me rephrase that, Jesse Chavez and Joel Hanrahan did anoher nice job. Those two have been off the hook recently and JR can pretty much put them in whereever to get the job done which is what he did in a one run game. The problem? Both were used when the 10th came around. Steven Jackson came on, walked Jimmy Rollins, gave up a few hits and left the game to Phil Dumatrait who gave up a three run bomb to Ryan Howard. Ballgame.

It would have been a really nice win for the Pirates to get on back to back games, but the cards just didn't fall right. One thing is true about these new look Bucs is that they will not quit and although they are not the most talented they will put it all out on the line. You have to respect that.

Go Bucs

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