Monday, August 17, 2009

Dave Chappelle Move.

What would happen if you were a new player in your profession. You were really good in school and got a 4.0 and went on to graduate school to fine tune your craft and you continued to learn in the classroom and from other people at the university while working an internship for little money.

What if you then graduated from graduate school with a 4.0 and you could go to any company and be compensated very handsomely. You find that dream job in your profession and the company says “I want to make you our highest paid employee ever. You are only going to be in the first year with the company but we think so highly of you that they are gonna show you the money.”

What do you do? If you don’t understand where I am going with this then you must not follow spots and you must have stumbled upon this blog and thought I was going to talk about how dirty the Allegheny River was or something like that.

Steven Strasburg has been offered a major contract by the Washington Nationals and he apparently has turned it down for even more money. He is probably right though, I would much rather play independent ball and not make any money rather than pitch in the majors next year and make that cash money.

Today is a big day for the top three picks as none of them has signed with their respective teams. The highest pick to sign is the Pirates Tony Sanchez and he has been just dealin in his first crack at the minor leagues.

The respective teams have until midnight tonight to sign as many of their draft picks as they can/want to. The Pirates have signed like their first 12 I believe and have spent in upwards of around $8.5 million this year. They have inked some guys that nobody thought they would and I feel they have done a nice job on taking chances with guys who were thought to have been shoe-ins for college and made them major league players.

We will see how this goes.

Pirates/Brewers at 7.

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