Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Future Pirate MVP

When thinking of the Pirates future in major league baseball you think of names like Tabata, Alderson, Alverez, Sanchez and McCutchen. How do you rank the future of the Pirates though? Surfin through Twitter I came across the blog “Mc” Effect.

Solid read about the MVP’s of the Pirates future and the blog goes on to break down the top ten in that category. Here is the link for the post.

Interesting they put Delwyn Young and Andy LaRoche in there. Valid points though. Young has played very well for the Pirates since he has been getting more and more playing time since the trade of Freddy Sanchez. He is hitting well over .300 and although I am not getting to see the Pirates play I have not read too much about him being terrible in the field. I would love to see Young be a huge success because of how hard the Pirates have tried to get him over the past few season. The Pirates really covet him as a player and he is showing up which is a good sign for the direction of the team.

Andy LaRoche needs to show me a little bit more. I felt good about him being in the system when we got him and I gave him a pass because of not being in the system a long time (much like what I am doing with Lastings Milledge) but I guess he has not been that terrible this year. Sure I would like to see a little better than a .265 average and sure he is not a prototypical third base power, but I guess we will see how he rounds out.

What a great picture of Lastings Milledge though. I really hope he rounds out and becomes a good six or seven hitter on the Pirate team of the future.

What really has me worried is that the Pirates have nothing in terms of the shortstop position. I really think this is the spot that the Pirates need to focus on in the draft (Harper) or go out and sign a young free agent (Sano) or just go get someone. After Jack left there is nothing there. Cedeno is not an option for the future and lord help us if Bixler is here any long. Actually, I just got word that Bixler has struck out five times since midnight, shocker.

Overall, an interesting list that hopefully will round out. Only time will tell, but it is fun to talk about and discuss now.

Although I want the Pirates to get the #1 pick, I hope they beat the shit out of the Brewers today.

Go Bucs.

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