Saturday, August 22, 2009


Wow, just wow…I had to work pretty much all day today and now I am headed for an event I have to go to, but I looked at the Pirates gamecast and I am just awe struck. Everybody in the lineup got a hit today, Jones drivin in runs, Milledge continues to hit, Ryan Doumit decides that he is gonna join the party and go deep today with three RBI. Where was all of this when the Pirates were losing 12 of 13?

In case you don't believe me check out the box score.

Cutch got a hit and was walked twice, Delwyn Young continues to put the ball in play and is hitting .309, Milledge is around .242 (which is up from around .210 where he was before the home stand), and hell even Brian Bixler got in the game. Now, if anyone knows me they know I hate Bixler. He is terrible and I do not want him on the team, but he even got on base today (via a walk). Holy shit.

Zach Duke went seven strong innings only giving up two earned runs on eight hits and lowers his ERA to 3.38. Duke is having one hell of a season and if it were not for the Pirates just going to bed on most days he has pitched I really believe he could be among the tops in the bigs in wins. He just gets the job done. Nothing overpowering, nothing too foolish, just throwing strikes and getting outs. That is what it is all about.

Five in a row and soon we are going to be moving up the charts in the standings in the NL Central. Now I know we have the side bar that shows the Pirates and how far away they are from the worst team in the league, but this home stand really just blew that out of the waters. Would I like to get a shot at Bryce Harper? Hell yea! Would I like to see the Pirates win more instead of getting Harper at this point? Yea. I am not gonna sit here and lie and say I want the Pirates to lose. As much as I think Harper could be a great addition, I want the Pirates to win. I hate to lose. Keep it up Bucs

Go Bucs.

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