Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Just Another Day

Just another day for the Pittsburgh Pirates. You know, coming off a win, batting Adam LaRoche in the clean-up spot. Just another normal day in the office. You might wonder "why the hell are they batting LaRoche in the four spot?" Great question, but who else are you really going to put there? Not a whole lot of power outside of Pedro Alverez. Too bad Pedro is only in Altoona and will not be moving up to the big team this year.

The Dorfer is goin today for your Bucco's and I am looking forward to a fairly decent performance from him. Ross has only given up three or more earned runs in one of his last nine starts and has went at least six innings in six of those nine appearances. Ross is also 7-2 at PNC Park this season so all the things are lining up for the Pirates to have a terrible loss and give up 15 runs. Nothing ever goes as planned. Not too bad for Ross though. Pretty steady, which is what the Pirates need. Not really what they need to get the number one pick, but I hate the Brewers. Also on that note I do want the Pirates to win every single game from here out. I mean we are on a good start from yesterday right?

I will not discuss the big news today. What a drama queen.

Also today is Roberto Clemente's birthday. He would have been 75. You are missed.

Go Bucs.

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