Friday, August 21, 2009


Slow day. No Pirates. Steelers in camp and don't play til Saturday. Pens aren't doin to much except talkin about winnin championships with the Steelers. So today we are gonna give you some links. Here goes nothing.

Pat over at WHYGAVS also thinks that its a little slow by this post.

Pirates/Cubs "rainout" is scheduled for September 30.


Solid post by "Mc" Effect about Lanny Frattare.

Raise the Jolly Roger gives us a nice post on his thoughts on the draft class of 2009 for the Bucs.

North Side Notch went to the Indy game the other night before Louisville and got some great video. Also got Tabata's home run on tape. Solid job.

Ben hurt his ankle in practice today. Seriously what happens if Ben misses time. Is Dixon ready? Can Charlie give us more than just one game? Should we be looking elsewhere? I hope we don't have to find out.

Mike Tomlin is one sly dog.

If you are a ghostbusters fan you are in luck.

VS. really got some sweet games for the Penguins this upcoming season.

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