Monday, August 31, 2009

Looking Back at the Bucco Trades

Beautiful post over at about how the Pirates trades have worked out so far. Very good article.

Here is the link

Here is an excerpt from it. The best part in my opinion:

"First of all, I can't really see how anyone could be upset over the Pirates blowing up this team. This is a team that went 67-95 last year. That's following three more years with 67-68 wins per season (well, there was only one season with 68 wins). At the time of the Nate McLouth trade, the Pirates were 24-28, in fifth place in their division, and six games out of first.Now let's think about that for a second.

A certain group of Pittsburgh fans will say "we were only four games below .500". That's fine if .500 is the goal. Luckily, it isn't. The goal is, and should be, the playoffs.For some reason, probably due to the losing streak, Pirates fans are willing to settle for a mediocre goal. Imagine if the Steelers came out next week and said their goal going in to the 2009 season was an 9-7 record. Imagine if the Penguins said they were shooting for a 42-40 record (well, that may be good enough to be one of the 27 teams to make the playoffs in the NHL). You'd be upset, and rightfully so,
because those teams would be saying they're satisfied with a goal that likely
leaves them outside of the playoff scene. So why is .500 the goal for the

Great perspective on the situation. Great read.

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