Sunday, August 2, 2009

Oh Cutch

What a great day. Last night Andrew McCutchen was on acid. Really I mean the first home run might have been a little weak but number two and three were legit. Number two was just a line drive that got out in about 1.65 seconds and the third was a no doubter and everyone knew it. The best part of the home run was the Nationals pitcher (the name slips me) asked the umpire for a new ball before the ball was even over the fence. Cutch got a standing O, which he deserved. Give it up to the 27,000+ that were at PNC Park last night who gave him another standing O when he took the field for the top of the seventh inning. Really nice.

How gitty am I about the Pirates right now? Jose Tabata just got moved up to AAA, Pedro Alverez is now hitting over .300 and went 1 for 1 last night with a handfull of walks and a bomb and Lastings Milledge had two more RBI last night to go along with Cutch going 4 for 5 with six RBI. The future is coming along and I can't wait to see these guys when they come up. There is some potential there. Make no mistake about it, potential does not win games but that does not mean it is not excited to watch stuff like this as it unfolds.

I wonder how Burnett feels after making his quote. Have fun in Washington tool. Maybe you can go hang out with OV and Semin and talk about how none of your teams will win a championship.

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