Saturday, August 15, 2009

Only A Field Goal

Well the Bucs only gave up a FG today and not enough points to beat the Cleveland Browns. Actually on second thought the Bucs did give up enough to beat the Browns today. But nevertheless.

They lost for the 12th time in 13 games and another miserable performance. A bright spot for the Pirates today was he effort of Zach Duke. He went 7.1 and gave up the three runs, but the Pirates must find a way to score more than three runs when they get a solid pitching performance.

Tom Gorzelanny got the win for the Cubs going only five innings. Gorzo struck out eight Pirates in the process while the Pirates struck out 13 times as a group today managing only five hits. Oh wow.

DK over at he PG gives a great stat today following the game:

"Duke was charged with three runs and nine hits but fell to 9-11 despite a
3.42 ERA. In those 11 losses, the Pirates have scored a total of 14 runs."

14 runs of support in Duke's 11 losses. That is terrible.

I give mad props over to Pat at WHYGAVS. Unlike what I try to do here, and I stress try, I write about pretty much all the Pittsburgh sports not just the Pirates. Although I am a diehard Buccos fan I do go on and talk about the Steelers and Penguins a good bit. Pat normally does not and he does an amazing job over at his site. Kudos.

The bleeding has to stop soon. Right?

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