Thursday, August 27, 2009


So far a pretty good series for the Pirates when you sit back and look at it. Playing the defending World Series Champs we have two come from behind efforts and won one of two via the walk off variety. After a pretty terrible top of the 9th on Tuesday they come back and tie it up/take the lead against Brad Lidge. Ross the Boss pitched very well in the loss and deserved the win, but got the ND.

The next night (last night) there was a beautiful pitched game by Paul Maholm against one of the leagues best in Cole Hammels. Hammels and Maholm went toe to toe with the only blip being Maholm's first inning mistake that Chase Utley went deep for a 1-0 Phils lead. That lasted until Brandon Moss pinch hit and took a Ryan Madson pitch to right field and a tie ball game. The bullpen then did its usual thing and blew the lead and Ryan Howard ended the game with a three run BOMB in the 10th.

One thing that has been very good is the performance of Brandon Moss. Moss hasn't been able to hit major league pitching at all (.171 in August going into the series). Now it is a wide notion that it is much harder to pinch hit rather than get regular at bats and get into a groove. But Moss stepped up both nights. In the win he knocked in the game tying run on a single off of Lidge and then last night he went deep to tie it in the 9th. He lost his starting spot, he gets two pinch hits, got two (huge) hits and a two (huge) RBI. Nice to see he can stay in the game and still produce.

Another thing must be said good series so far and it would be great to take two outta three. The Pirates have worked hard, showed they are not going to just roll over because they are the defending champs and because they should lose. Makes me glad to be a Pirate fan and makes me proud. These guys know they are playing for their job and that makes a world of difference. You can tell they want to stick in the league. They also are playing hard to thank the Pirates. Guys like Ohlendorf, Karstens, Moss, Milledge, they all have had chances and failed. The Pirates have the faith and the players owe it for giving them this next chance.

Here is the line-up tonight for our Bucs from DK over at the PG.

Pirates' lineup:

  1. McCutchen, CF
  2. Young, 2B
  3. Jones, RF
  4. LaRoche, 3B
  5. Doumit, C
  6. Milledge, LF
  7. Pearce, 1B
  8. Cruz, SS
  9. Morton, P
So lets beat Philly. They suck. At everything.

Go Bucs

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