Sunday, August 16, 2009

Playoff Roster

Well when I woke up this morning and saw that they Pirates were playing on TV in Alaska for the first time since I moved up here two weeks ago I got really excited. I next then got on twitter and read an article that was posted on there by Tony over at the Confluence by Joe Starkey at the Trib. You can find that article here.

Sitting there and reading that kinda got me excited. As we started out today it is a three way race between us, the Nationals and the Royals were for the #1 spot in next year's draft. Now mind you this could all change with what happens with Strasburg but for now we are going to focus on getting the first pick and 16 y/o stud Bryce Harper.

This post is going to take a look at who the Pirates should run out if there was a one game "playoff" for the #1 pick in the draft. Here is a look at who I would throw out there. These players are going to be somewhat realistic, having played in the major leagues somewhere around the year 2000.

1. LF - Adam Hyzdu
Career .229 hitter who spent his first four years as a Pirate. Mud

2. 3B - Jose Hernandez
Spent two seasons with the Pirates in 2003 and 2006 and hit .240 for the Pirates and struck out 85 times in his 313 at bats with the Pirates. Perfect spot for him in the two hole.

3. CF - Chad Hermansen
Spent four years with the Pirates and in his time with the Bucs he hit below the Mendoza line which makes it a perfect spot for him to hit in this game. Not only was he terrible for the Pirates but he was terrible everywhere. He struck out 168 times in only 494 at bats in his career.

4. 1B - Brad Eldred
A disappointing player in the Pirates system. He was bad in his few stints in the big leagues. I originally had Kevin Young in this spot, but I forgot really how awful that Eldred really was in the bigs.

5. RF - Derek Bell
How could you have a Pirate team without "Operation Shutdown" on it. This guy needs to be on the roster and play right field. He batted .173 in his year for the Bucs and he will be perfect for quitting in the middle of the game and getting one of our bench guys in.

6. SS - Brian Bixler
Bixler is on the current Pirate roster and he is so awful that I am not sure wtf the Pirates are thinking by still having him in the system. Bixler has struck out 18 times in 24 at bats this season and has 54 punch outs in 133 career at bats. I mean if those were pitching stats he would be cash money, but they are hitting stats.

7. C - Humberto Cota
Thought about putting Ronny behind the plate, but with our luck he would do what he always does and f' it up and have a good game. Cota supports a .233 average in his seven seasons with the Pirates.

8. 2B - Matt Kata
.239 career hitter and hit like .250 in his season with the Pirates. Whatev

9. P - Jimmy Anderson
When I went to the Bucs game when he was on the team he pitched every single game that I went to. I was so pissed every time because I knew that outside of God himself coming to play for us that we were going to lose. Click the link if you want his stats. He pisses me off.


C - Ronny Paulino
IF - Pat Mears (Hell we are still paying him)
OF - Emil Brown
2B - Bobby Hill
P - Matt Morris
P - Ryan Vogelsong
P - John Van Benschoten
P - Mike Fetters
P - Shane Youman

There is your roster for the Bucs. What do you think? Who did I miss? Let me know in the comments.

Go Bucs

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