Thursday, August 13, 2009

Preseason Game 1 - Arizona Cardinals

What should we expect from the preseason game against the Cardinals today? Not a whole lot. We should see the first team offense and defense for probably about a series or two. This will be a huge game for a lot of the draft picks and the players who are fighting for spots. LaMarr Woodley I am sure will play exactly one play and have two sacks. Woodly having two sacks in a game is about as certain as it gets. Here are a few players that you should watch during the game as they try and make the team.

Lawrence Timmons – This will be a nice gage of where he is as it pertains to being a starter. LT is in his first year as a starter and it will be interesting to watch him this pre-season as he evolves as an everyday player rather than being a spot player like he was last year.

Rashard Mendenhall – This will be huge for numerous reasons. One is that he did not play much last year after breaking his shoulder thanks in part to Ray Lewis. It will be interesting to see how he comes out today and runs since he hasn’t played in a year. This is also a contract year for Fast Willie and he might not be back next year. This might be Mendy’s team next year so he better show something.

Ryan Mundy – He is one smart dude. Been with the team for a year, although hurt, and he should know a good bit about the system. Ryan Clark is in a contract year and Tyrone Carter’s future is uncertain so it will be good to see where we stand with Mundy and if he can make the team and possibly play in the Dime defense a little this year if he dresses.

The WR core – This will be a battle all of training camp. The definite ins are Ward and Holmes. Sweed, Mike Wallace, Shaun McDonald and Dallas Baker are battling for the other spots. Sweed has been looking good in practice and McDonald is a seasoned vet that can return kicks so it is going to be very tight to make the team. Should be exciting.

Back-up QB – I have heard that Charlie has been playing really well during camp, and coupled with BA saying there would be no wild cat, would almost see to seal the deal on Dixon being the number three QB this year. I want to see how far Dixon has come in a year and Charlie is not that young so Dixon might be the future and I want to see what he has to offer. Plus if he is the backup we COULD run the wild cat and give the offense a new wrinkle.

Well there is a ton to look for and tonight starts the journey for a great season. There are 12 players on each side of the ball that have Western PA ties, and that does not include the coaching staff, so we are basically playing Pittsburgh West tonight. Lets show them this is Steelers football.

Here We Go.

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