Saturday, August 22, 2009

Preseason Game 2 - Washington Redskins

The Steelers embark on their second preseason game of the season when they travel to Washington D.C. for a date with the Washington Redskins. This should be a game where the starters see around a quarter and we see some more of the reservers and what they can do and try to convince the coaches why they should be on the team.

Remember last time the Steelers went to D.C.? In case you forgot here is the link to the appropriate game recap and this blog post about why Washington's "home field" was a non factor for them. That was basically like it always gets in D.C. for sports that go on. You know when the Verizon Center is overflowing with Penguin fans. That is what it was like at FedEx Field.

Should Big Ben play? No. Will he play? Probably not. After getting hurt in practice there is no reason for Ben to play. He will be ready for the regular season. If he has to miss a preseason game I am ok with that as long as he is ready for the regular season when the games count. I would also like to see Dennis Dixon get a few more snaps and see how he progressed from the last preseason game. If he is going to be in the system for the future then I want to see how he performs as much as possible this preseason, and I think the coaching staff has the same idea.

Also I would like to keep an eye on Lawrence Timmons today and see how he bounces back from a pretty poor first showing in preseason game number one against the Arizona Cardinals. Timmons looked a step slow and just didn't seem to be in position to make plays in his first start. Time will tell this preseason, but I would like to see a little bit of something.

The WR should look to have a very competitive day again today. Between Sweed, McDonald, Wallace and Baker they are fighting for maybe three spots with the ultimate prize being the third WR spot on the team behind Santonio Holmes and Hines Ward. This game will not determine that but Sweed, McDonald and Wallace had nice games against the Cardinals and look have the inside tracks on the three spots. Right now it looks as if Sweed will get that number three spot and Wallace could possibly see some kick returning duties for the team. This battle will defiantly be interesting to watch and will probably go down to the last preseason game to see some separation.

As if this really needs to be said but the O-line really needs to step up and show me more than they did. Them along with Timmons did not play particularly well against Arizona, but then again it is only the first preseason game. Hopefully the line can get this stuff together for the regular season and cut down the number of times that Ben is going to get hit/sacked.

I would put my money on LaMarr Woodley getting a sack today. Even if he only plays one series, he will get one. He is becoming a stud on the outside and between him and James Harrison I really do not know how some teams are going to stop both of them in the same game. They make QB's lives miserable for the four hours or so a game goes on. I am sure many game plans will be made this season just to stop both of them. They will probably not work, hell if they even slow one of them down it will be a win for that offense.

I will not be able to watch the game live tonight, but I will be following Twitter on my phone so there will probably not be a post game write up until Sunday night or possibly even Monday afternoon so I apologize for that in advance.

Here We Go!

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