Saturday, August 29, 2009

Steelers: Dominating, Bill: 0

What a game. What an absolute dominating game in pretty much all aspects as the Steelers beat the Bills tonight by the score of x-x. The first team offense was able to move the football (despite the penalties) as they pretty much had the ball for the entire game, and the defense was just absolute cash money all night as the Bills did not get 100 total yards until more than halfway through the fourth quarter. The first team defense made the first team Bills offense look like a JV team and they pretty much had their way all night.

James Farior had a pick six tonight that was just a terrible read by Bills starter Trent Edwards. I actually thought that Farrior was the intended receiver on that play. But the first team defense really gave the Bills nothing to work with all night.

Special teams was just outright dirty tonight. Stef Logan will make this team. He did another amazing job of returning kicks tonight and getting the job done by getting positive yardage when he returned kicks and also did a great job of making fair catches when he needed to. Not taking huge risks to hurt his team, when he had the chance to make a big return then he did that. What a great job. Danny S was cash again tonight. Averaged about 45 a kick and went 49 on one of them. Joe Burnett also made his bid to keep on the team when he blocked a field goal to preserve the shut out. With a little over two minutes to play in the game Burnett was being blocked on the outside and just dove and used his free hand to block a kick. That is the kind of stuff that keeps you on the team.

The offense was pretty good in their own respect. Ben was very good tonight. He fumbled an exchange but other than that he did a good job for the Steelers. He went 15 of 19 for 168 yards and no INT's. Hines Ward was just as good as Ben was. Hines is just as tough of a WR as you come across in the NFL. Five receptions for 74 yards. He is solid and I love that he is on our team and is not on any other team. Sweed played pretty well, made some nice catches and I think he will lock up the third WR spot. Wallace did not show too much today and McDonald is going to be a third down receiver and a possession type of guy so I really see Sweed as the number three.

Rashard Mendenhall was very hot and cold tonight. He ripped off a few good runs through some very nice holes the lines made, but he still looked very tentative when he ran. It just looks like he is more concerned with getting hit than actually preparing for a hit and then delivering one. he needs to get his pads low and run a few people over. I know he is not a short yardage back (although most people might think he is) but he just seems very shy when he gets to the line. Hopefully this will pass and he can be a force with the Steelers.

The Bills ended the game with only eight first downs and 135 total yards. The Steelers held the ball for over 40 minutes of time. This is the type of game that shows me they are ready for the regular season and they are ready to defend their title. Lets get it on.

Here We Go

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