Sunday, August 16, 2009


You might not care about certain things that go on this blog. If anyone actually reads this blog I have added some things onto the site that you might wonder about.

On the side bar I have added an updated standing on what it is going to take to get the number one draft pick in next years draft. Now someone might be asking themselves this: "Boy Cory why the hell would we care. Anyone in the top five is going to get a great player to build towards the future." Wrong. The worst team in the league this year gets Bryce Harper. That same person, or someone else, might say "Ah he can't be that good, we can get someone else just as good if we are the third or even fourth worst team in the leauge." Even more wrong. He has been tabbed the savior. Real deal. I want him on the Pirates. They call him baseball's LeBron. I want him now. Oh yea, by the way, he is only 16.

Other than that I have been updating the Pittsburgh blog sidebar thing I have. Check out those blogs. They are legit and really, really good.

Also get on Twitter if you are not and follow me, and the other Pittsburgh blogs. Good reads and good information.

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