Friday, August 7, 2009

Well, At Least We Are Not From Cleveland

Well the Pirates dropped another game last night. This one was just as painful as the last one. Up three runs late in the game, and lose by giving up five in the 12th. Kevin Hart got the start last night and from all that I am reading (I can not watch the games anymore unless I buy the MLB package on my computer) was looking pretty good. Solid start from him, and that is good because now we do not have to see VV out on the bump anymore.

The Pirates had some players who played well, Cutch, Milledge, Young and Cedeno all had two hits each while the Bucs collected 11 hits. The bad part, they gave up 21 hits. 21 hits is the highest in the D-back history, which also happened once before. What is up with the pen. When the middle relief is good Capps blows it and when the middle relief is God awful Capps gives us hope by pitching really well.

So frustrating. Although the Bucs did sign their eighth rounder, Colton Cain. Good, we need to sign the guys from the draft that we want and that’s what we did. You wanna know how bad it was for the pen last night? Immediately after the game Steven Jackson (who was horrible last night) was optioned to AAA. I mean immediately. I am talking that I saw the game ended on GameCast and I refreshed Twitter and saw a tweet from the Bucs Insider that said he was demoted down. I mean before he was off the field he was already down. How bad does it have to get to do that?

Bring on the red birds. Lets Go Bucs.

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