Monday, September 28, 2009

Another Black Monday

Is there anything worse than the Monday after a Steelers loss? All the people talking smack because they are jealous that you have a great team and they cheer for the Broncos or Browns? It is terrible. I usually think about it until Wednesday or so and by Thursday I am ready for game time.

Something was different about yesterday. I was so pissed after the game I literally didn't talk for two hours after the game. It was hard. Especially because at the bar I was at there were people cheering for the Bengals because they were playing the Steelers. Needless to say I was pretty down. Only a brand new Family Guy could get me to somewhat forget for a second and put a smile on my face (btw Family Guy was amazingly funny last night).

The wierd thing about all of this I am telling you is that I slept really well last night. I woke up and actually feel good about the Steelers. I turn on ESPN Radio and the first thing I hear is Colin Cowherd come on the radio and say "There are 1-2 teams that will be alright and there are 2-1 teams that are just above average. The Pittsburgh Steelers are 1-2, and they will be alright." Colin is 100% right. To back that up Trent Dilfer comes on the show and says "If there is a 1-2 team you don't panic about, it's the Pittsburgh Steelers."

I feel a lot better because I know they are right. I didn't want to have to justify myself that I was right when I was telling people last night that it was only WEEK THREE. I am not crazy. I am realistic. You know who won the Super Bowl in 2007? The New York Giants. You know they started out 0-2? No, I bet you didn't. That worked out didn't it?

Remember this game last year? Most of you guys wanted to sell your Steeler pride because Ben got sacked eight times and the Steelers were 2-1. Who would have thought at that point that you were watching the eventual Super Bowl champions? I know none of you did. It would have been hard to do that.

There are plenty of reasons to believe in the Steelers. For one, we have Ben Roethlisberger. He is a gammer and he is a winner and you know it. There are very few top notch quarterbacks in the NFL and we have one of them. If he had a minute to work with last night and the Steelers would have won that football game.

The offensive line is giving Ben time. One sack yesterday and two the week before. Seven sacks in three games. Not too bad when the Steelers gave up nine total in just that Philly game last year. Willie Parker found some holes. He looked good as he bounced it to the outside. Our offense can play. Our defense will get there. Troy will come back and he knows how to play some football. I can't wait to see him.

Also, the schedule will get there. The Chargers will be a very tough game then we get the Lions and Browns. The Ravens beat up some bad teams already. Great they beat the Browns and the Chiefs. Wow. They go to New England next week. We could be one game back after next week without even playing the Ravens, and we play them twice. I feel good and so should you.

Maybe this is me being way too optimistic but this team is going to make the playoffs. They could be 3-0 or they could be 0-3. The NFL has some good teams. The Bears were no slouch and the Bengals are defiantly a better team than last year.

Here We Go

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