Friday, September 4, 2009

Dominated, again, Steelers 21, Panthers 10

The Steelers took the Panthers to the woodshed, just as they did the Buffalo Bills a week ago and it was the same result. A dominating performance. Now I know this is only only the fourth preseason game and it really is just a game of backups and players that will be looking for real 9-5 jobs today or tomorrow but it gives me some great satisfaction to see the Steelers second team defense dominate the Panthers first team offense and really just have their way. I know the Panthers aren't good, nor are they going to be good, but you gotta give the Steelers some love.

Now, it is judgement day for a lot of players. 22 or so players are going to be given their release and told they did not make this Steelers team and they will look for another team or a practice squad to latch on to so they can continue the dream of playing in front of thousands on Sundays, Mondays, and occasional Thursdays. Who are going to make the 53 man roster? Nobody knows who exactly is going to make the team. Granted we know that the Big Ben's and Troy P's are going to make the team, but who are players 43-53 of the roster?

Stef Logan made the team. Game over. 80 yards to the house, running end arounds, throwing a block. He is on the team. We have not had a kick returner that could take it to the house every time he touches the ball in a long time. It is going to alleviate a lot pressure off the team to know they can rely on someone to make the catch and get some positive yardage and take some field position. Field position is huge in the NFL and we now have a returner and a punter that can give us, and flip field position during games. Let me ask you this. If Danny S and Stef Logan keep this up how much better is our offense and defense going to be? They are scary good already.

What is Isaac Redman going to do? Is he going to make the team? That is going to be one of the hard cuts. When you look at it, he had a strong first game then slipped off a couple of games and then had a very good fourth preseason game. It is going to be hard to cut this guy but if you are going to keep a return specialist like Logan then can you afford to keep another back? Who is going to be cut to keep a special teams guy? This is going to be very interesting.

Carey Davis might be on the way out. It does not bother me that much if he is gone. He was never a fullback, never really could run the ball very well, could catch a little bit but never really made anything that made me say that he has to be on this football team.

Ryan Mundy probably will make this team. Took a pick back to the house later in the game, made tackles and really looked like he improved from last year after he was out for the season. Ty Carter might be gone. Ty can hit but he really does not have many cover skills and I feel that a young Ryan Mundy could fill the void. The Steelers have plenty of DB's and this will be an interesting spot.

Mikey T will have a presser later today and hopefully we can just find out who is going to be on this team for the drive for seven Super Bowl titles.

Here We Go


  1. Redman stays! You can't take away potential points from your team.

  2. Practice squad is probably best for him...Good emergency guy but could use some learning. No other team picked him off waivers so that says something.