Sunday, September 6, 2009

Finally Sunday

Well it has been a very long weekend for me with work and whatnot, but finally Sunday is here and Monday is a day off of work due to Labor Day. What a great day. But as I have been unable to really watch or hear anything since the Steeler game on Thursday this will be sort of a mix and match post with a little bit of everything I hope.

The Steelers cut their roster to 53 yesterday.

The Steelers released the following players to reach their 53-man roster limit: quarterback Mike Reilly; running backs Carey Davis, Isaac Redman and Justin Vincent; wide receivers Dallas Baker, Tyler Grisham and Brandon Williams; tight end Dezmond Sherrod; offensive linemen Jason Capizzi, Jeremy Parquet and A.Q. Shipley; defensive linemen Sonny Harris, Steve McClendon and Scott Paxson; linebackers Bruce Davis, Tom Korte, Andy Schantz and Donovan Woods; defensive backs Roy Lewis and Anthony Madison; and kicker Piotr Czech.

You kinda knew about most of these. I really thought Carey davis was going to get cut and a lot of these other guys were just auditioning for other teams. A few of these were kinda different decisions. I would have liked to see them keep A.Q. Shipley, maybe becasue he is hometown, but whatev. It was very interesting to be that they kept Frank Summers. He barely played in the preseason games and even Mike Tomlin said you can't make the team if you don't play. Not really sure on that front. Scott Paxon, Bruce Davis and Donovan Woods also got the ax. All three have been with the Steelers before, wouldn't have been surprised if they made it but not shocked that they got cut.

Issaac Reman was a player I thought might make the team, and maybe shoudl have instead of Summers, but he was signed to the practice squad. I think this is a pretty good move. Keep him on the team and let him develop a little bit more through the season and he could always get called up if there is an injury (and we know that FWP and Rashard have been hurt before). He could get a look this year but at least he is on the team and can try and prove something there. Probaably good he didn't make the team right off the bat. Among others on their practice squad are rookie center A.Q. Shipley, a seventh-round draft pick of the Steelers, rookie defensive tackle Steve McLendon, running back Justin Vincent, tight end Dezmond Sherrod and rookie wide receiver Tyler Grisham.

For the Penguins, they will go to the White House on Thursday to meet the the President. Maybe Mike Green can go look a the cup from outside the White House because he will never see it. He can also write about it on his website. What a train wreck of a site.

The Steelers website has a stat book already for the game on Thursday. It can be seen here. How pumped are you for this game? I can not wait.

Philippe Boucher retired this past weekend. I was really hoping that Boucher would come back to be the eighth defensemen and kind of mentor some guys. He coulda been a great NHL ready guy that could come in big situations and perform like he did this past season for the Penguins. I understand though because he said he wanted to go out as a champion and that most players don't get to do that. Good for him.

The Bucs have been having a tough time. At the time of the post the Pirates have lost nine staright and are in progress of their game right now. They lose today and they set the record for their 17th consecutive losing season. What a terrible record to hold. However, if I was back in Pittsburgh I would be at the game.

Some of hte bright spots for the team is Garrett Jones and Lastings Milledge. As everyone knows I am a huge fan of Milledge and he is just on acid right now. As of now he is hitting .305 overall after hitting .230 about a week and a half ago and really is just zoned in and playing like people thought he would. He has the lone RBI for the Pirates today (Right now 1-1 in the 3rd). Milledge is not hitting for power, but hey you take what you can get. Garrett Jones has like 100 home runs in like 22 at bats this year so I guess that is good.

I will have a Pirate post later today. Just wanted to throw somethign up so the people that read this (if anyone) knows I am still alive.

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